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Dji Osmo Bugs and Fixes

Dji Osmo Bugs and Fixes

The Dji Osmo is an amazing cinematic tool that allows smooth 4K stable footage to be shots at an affordable price. But the draw back to getting a first edition of a revolutionizing tool is that updates, accessories, and knowledge comes with time and user experience. Here is a compiled list of problems we encounter with our Osmo and the solutions we took to fix the problem. Dji will continue to release updates for advancements in affordable accessories and firmware upgrades to fix bugs but in the mean time try these solutions.


  1. While holding the Osmo, I attempted to take a 180 forward facing panoramic photo but my Osmo begins to orientate itself to take a 180 degree selfie pano instead.
  2. How do I manually set the timelapse interval time to take a photo every 1 second?
  3. Recording time seems low and only last roughly 28 minutes.


  1. If you are having forward facing panoramic issues, your Osmo needs the latest firmware update. It is best to upgrade by using the SD card. The app upgrade method is currently disabled.  Firmware Download
  2. To capture photos during timelapse mode every 1 second, you must disable the JPEG + Video format, as this limits the minimum interval to every 2 seconds.
  3. Firmware version v1.5.2.0 unveiled an increase in the Osmo battery to 90 minutes for a total recording time of 70 minutes (80 minutes with Wi-Fi off).

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